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Keep those cherished memories close with Rostozzi Art Studio’s custom keychains. Celebrate your child’s first day at school, your anniversary, or any other life event by placing a personalized token of that memory on a copper or aluminum keychain. Alex Rostozzi designs sturdy but sentimental pieces that reflect his decades of experience as an artist and craftsman.

Customize your keychain with inscriptions and dates that remind you of life’s most memorable moments. Available in noble copper and aluminum, these customizable pieces are elegant designs for men or women. Preserve memories like a cherished fingerprint with Rostozzi Custom Hand Stampings!

“Remember the things that matter most with one of our extraordinary keychains. Customize your own sentimental keychain with your choice of inscription, dates or initials for a perfect gift that will be worn by you and loved ones for generations; you can never go wrong with an exceptional accessory like this! Designed to inspire long-lasting memories, these keychains are made from durable copper or aluminum (will not tarnish or turn colors). You can choose either distinctive hand hammered texture copper tag or minimalist style aluminum tag. Discover the custom Rostozzi Art Studio Keychains today!

Preserve life’s memorable moments with our extraordinary Keychains. We are delighted to offer an exclusive way of remembering these precious times in the form of custom keychains that combine quality materials, handmade craftsmanship and while at once clutching deep meaning inside. They hold private marks bearing the full history of your life- none other can likely identify it but you. Our customs hand stamped key rings make for a thoughtful gift to be worn for decades or passed on through generations. Customize your own unique text into every piece with any inscription, dates, initials, name etc. to house them safely in modern style that is just right for today’s fast paced world. The keychain will remind you where it came from each time you pull out your keys!

The perfect gift for dad or your best friend, the Custom Keychains by Rostozzi Art Studio are customized with any inscription you specify. Hand stamping is done using thick copper or aluminum material to preserve life’s memorable moments and allow them to be worn for decades to come. Choose between Noble Copper, that darkens over time, or elegant Aluminum. You can also choose whether they will be monogrammed with initials, date/gift message (month/year), name (first name only).
We make what’s sentimental meaningful; hand-stamped custom keychains.

Our noble Copper darkens over time giving them a sense of history. Keychains are meaningful accessories that we wear each day and carry with us to the next destination in life – the perfect gift for men and women alike who want something simple yet touching to remember forever – Rostozzi Art Studio creates custom key chains as part of personal collection.

Our personalized keychains are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone else! You can write on them anything you want – your initials, some dates that are important to you, a special word. Our creative design touches upon love, devotion and sentimentality. A better way to keep your memories alive!