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Who doesn’t love giving and receiving personalized gifts? We know we do. That’s why we enjoy customizing your leather bracelets for you. Choose the color and personalize it with any words or letters. You can customize a bracelet with anything: birth date, wedding date, anniversary date. The list really goes on and on! These bracelets are made of natural cowhide leather that I hand stamp and dye myself; they’re also held together by heavy duty hardware that has been treated to maintain its shape. You will be impressed at how durable these beautiful handmade pieces are – imagine all the years of enjoyment you’ll get out of this thoughtful gift!

Our personalized leather bracelets are made of natural cowfill leather dyed myself in beautiful colors. All you have to do is tell me the message you would like stamped in your bracelet and off we go!
It makes a perfect gift for your son, father, groomsmen, husband or any other favorite guy on his birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation day or just about any occasion at all.
Customize these bracelets with initials of their children’s names on them if they’re looking for something special that will remind them when he looks down at it that there are people out there who care about himto the point that not only did they put together this really special present but also know how much he means to them.

Do you know somebody who would like this gift?
This is the perfect gift for a son, Father, groomsmen, husband. Create an heirloom and make them feel extra special with any message you like or their name on a leather bracelet by Rostozzi Art Studio. This handmade item is made from natural cowhide and has heavy duty hardware to hold it together firmly yet safely. Bracelets can be customized in light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black etc. The possibilities are endless!

Rostozzi bracelets are the perfect gift for a son, Father, groomsmen, husband, Father of the bride. Bracelets can be stamped with any message you like such as their birth dates, wedding dates and anniversary. With this customizable bracelet comes elegance and sophistication that will not go out of style in time.

Friends are the best people in the world, right? They’re there for you, they’re always on your side, and they give sound advice when nobody else will. So why not get them a little something to boost their spirits? Get them our Personalized Leather Bracelet engraved with any message or date of your choice! Choose from any color to really put some life into this gift, which is made with natural cowhide leather hand stamped and dyed by me. I make sure all pieces are held together with heavy duty hardware for excellent quality. So if you know someone who needs a bit more encouragement (or heck might even need a promotion!), try gifting this bracelet today!

Personalized leather bracelet gifts to show someone you care and want them to know how much they mean to you.
Such as the birth dates, wedding dates, anniversary, names etc. The perfect gift for any man in your life who has a brown belt in their wardrobe.
Excellent quality; it is made of natural cowhide leather that I hand stamp and dye myself and are held together with heavy duty hardware. It will last for years!