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Personalized bracelets is an excellent gift for any occasion: birthdays, christmas, wedding and memorable dates. Personalized bracelets from Rostozzi Art Studio are memorable emotions.

A simple, classy bracelet that will only be worn by the owner. It’s not too flashy, but it’s very sentimental.
This bracelets will always remind you of a special person or occasion.

This is the perfect bracelet for those of you who appreciate a minimalist lifestyle. It’s made from quality materials, so it lasts longer and won’t break down so quickly. The copper washer is durable, and the nylon cord will not easily stretch or rip. This ensures that your bracelet will last you for years to come!

Copper washers are used to create personalized bracelets. Unique and memorable, these bracelets offer a great conversation starter.

We make the perfect personal gift.
Delicate yet durable.
The thick copper washer and extremely strong nylon cord give you the perfect casual look for any occasion.
This bracelet dainty enough for everyday wear around town.
It is a bracelet for all seasons.

Copper naturally tarnish or patina over time. This is a normal process, but if a tarnished look is undesired, the disc can be lightly polished.
To extend the life of this bracelet, avoid showering with it.
The disc measures approximately 3/4 (20 mm) inches wide and is made of a heavy copper.
It is an adjustable size, which is adjustable by sliding the knots on both sides. This may require assistance of additional hands putting it on and adjusting the size
We use 14 gauge (2mm) metal, so it is very thick and not easily manipulated.
Each bracelet is 100% handmade from start to finish.
It should be noted that they can be hand stamped on two side.
We will write any message on the back of the bracelet. Maximum 18 characters, including spaces.

This is a perfect personalized gift for you and your closest loved ones. Copper will inevitably age over time, becoming duller with usage. However, RostozziArt Studio has designed this bracelet in such a way that the copper can be easily polished to make it look brand new again!

The RostozziArt Personalized Bracelet effortlessly travels with you through life.

Be the only one with an original bracelet that is 100% personalized and for you.
Customize your look by choosing from a variety of different colors. These bracelets are simple, chic, and effortlessly stylish since they won’t weigh heavy on your wrist like other jewelry pieces can do.

There’s no better way to show people you care than with one of our handmade, custom bracelets. Make your own today!

The Rostozzi Art Studio strives to provide an entirely custom product. We work with you and your loved ones to create the perfect piece of jewelry. What makes our bracelets so special? Let us count the ways: a washer made from a noble metal, minimalistic design, sentimental value (hand stamping), copper that will naturally patina over time. Every person is different- why not wear something only you have?