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Wonderful handmade memorable gifts from Rostozzi Art studio. Personalized bracelets for men and women. Customizable copper key chains. Leather goods. In each product, we preserve the memory and your feelings.


Death is inevitable, but many people don't know what to do when it happens.

Studio Rostozzi Art specializes in custom memorial gifts that are perfect for expressing sympathy and remembrance. The studio handcrafts all of their products with the utmost care to make sure they have a lasting impact on those who receive them. If you’re looking for sympathy gift ideas or bereavement gift ideas, be sure to consult Studio Rostozzi Art’s selection of customizable crafts!


Alex Rostozzi


Crazy horse

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Art Studio


Leather, Copper, Nylon

Personalized memorial Gifts

We preserve memories in each product we create.

At Studio Rostozzi Art, we create custom sympathy gifts that will help you celebrate your loved one’s life while recognising their final contribution. Let us be a part of this difficult time for you and provide you with an artful way to commemorate the life they’ve lived.

That’s why we’re here at ROSTOZZI ART with our beautifully designed custom-made sympathy gifts for your grieving friend or family member to purchase online as their own personalized memorial keepsakes in remembrance of their life – and maybe even yours, too!

Specializing in quality personalized sympathy gifts for clients facing a difficult loss.

Express your condolences with a beautiful personalized sympathy gift.


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Personalized memorial gifts and sympathy gift ideas from Rostozzi Art. Remembering your loved ones is important, so we work with you to create a beautiful keepsake that will last forever.

Custom Leather
Goods to Order

We are a family-owned business that does leather goods to order, like keychains and bracelets. We have been in the area for over 15 years and know all about customer service, quickness of work made, and care for products.

Vegetable Tanned

We use only the finest natural vegetable tanned leather of the highest quality for all our bracelets, keychains, and more. The hides we come by are so tough that they can withstand rainforests or even deserts.


Interesting to Know

Taking care of leather goods is easier than you think…

Designer Bracelets

Studio Rostozzi Art offers unique and bespoke personalised memorial gifts for the remembrance of the loved ones. Personalized Memorial Gifts are one way of celebrating their life with a memorial gift that speaks to who they were every day of their lives.

The perfect Memorial Gift for your friends or family members, Studio Rostozzi Art offer unqiue personalized gifts that has been designed speciallly for them. Use your memories, inspirations and words.

Personalized Memorial Gifts are one way to say goodbye to someone whose life touched yours. In addition, these personalized memorial gifts make a great keepsake for a new motherl or someone who has lost their loved one. These custom art pieces are created by Rostozzi Art Studio and can be featured with the person’s name and favorite color- allowing you to capture all of the positive memories surrounding that individual.

Personal reminders that we will always love and cherish them even from miles away.

When someone passes, it can be hard to decide what type of gift would be appropriate. When the time comes to come up with a sympathy gift for a friend or loved one in mourning, let Studio Rostozzi Art provide the perfect personalized art piece for your occasion. A touching and thoughtful gesture, this splendor is not easily forgotten by those left behind to grieve.